Here’s How My Friend Wished Me Happy Engineers Day

I am a journalist and my life is very hectic as there is always a paucity of time in life to do other things. In fact, we often don’t have time to invest on our happiness and due to lack of time, I am not able to repair the minor issues in my house be it toilet flush or fridge or other basic things.

One day, a close friend gave me a surprise visit. I was pleased to see him after five years! We chatted for a while but then again, I had to rush for reporting. Life of a reporter is not easy. Most of the times you reach home at 1 am and the next morning you report to office at 8 am.

Well, coming back to my friend. I asked him to stay at home for a while and even he requested for the same because he had a flight to Lucknow in the evening. He didn’t belong to Delhi. I ordered food for him and promised to be back home at around 6 pm. I wanted to spend more time with him but it was an important day as Parliament Session was underway.

At 5 pm, my friend calls me-

Akshay: Yes, Arjun! I will be at home at sharp 6.

Arjun: Naah, I got to rush so I handed over the keys to your neighbors.

Akshay (Me): Why? What happened?

Arjun: Office work, will call you later.

And then he hangs up. I was today relieved on time since I requested for it. I went home straight seeking solace. When I entered home, it turned to out be completely neat. I was astonished looking at it wondering what had Arjun done. My toilet flush was working fine, my fridge was fine. There was some issue with television set and washing machine and that was also fixed.

Best part is the fixed things didn’t look as if money was put into it. It was fixed with some odd props. I immediately called my friend and told him that it wasn’t necessary and he was here to rest.

All he told me was Happy Engineers Day, friend! Arjun is an engineer. When I opened my closet, there was a surprise. It was a key remote. I called my friend again and asked him what’s this. “By this, you cal control all the electronic things of your house, sitting miles away,” Arjun said.

Arjun: I will call you back, working the new flyover being built.

All I wondered was, we always say how would life have been without friends/pets but, imagine how would life have been without engineering even so many computer functions wouldn’t have been available.

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