Eid-ul-Fitr 2021: Festivals should be about…

The entire world is celebrating Eid today and social media is flooded with Eid Mubarak wishes. In India, we celebrate all the festivals as we are a secular nation where all religions thrive. Let me tell you my idea of celebrating any festival.

Until three years ago, I was someone who eagerly waited for festival. During one such festival in Noida, my city in India, I came across two elderly couple who changed my perception. I was out shopping that day. Festivals are all about sweets, purchasing gifts, spending time with your loved ones and most importantly, shelling out alms to those less privileged.

After buying sweets for the family, two blocks away from my house, I met an elderly couple near the temple. I was distributing sweets to the poor and when I saw the couple, I only seeked their blessings since they looked economically decent by their attire.

‘They called me’. ‘Hey, young man!’

Yes, Sir!

‘Can you do me a favour?’ Sure, I said. ‘Please kill the two of us’. What? ‘Please do it son, please! I beg of you.’ I thought he was mad. I left the temple and cursed them in my mind for spoiling my mood on an auspicious day. Well, upon reaching home I forgot about it and we had a quality family time. I spotted the same couple again the next day outside the temple while I was going to office. I stopped my car and stood there. No one was there except them and the priest. They left the spot after a couple of minutes. I thought to question the priest regarding them.

What I heard was surprising. They wanted to die because they had no aim left in life. The two were touching and had a son who passed away years ago in an unfortunate road accident. They were unable to kill themselves as they weren’t gutsy enough and wanted someone else for this job.

I took their address and went to their house. He asked me to kill him, but I cried and sat next to him. I was imagining what if my father’s condition was the same. I immediately hugged them both and they also had tears in their eyes. I promised to be their son and take care of them. I urged them to come to my house but they refused. I promised them that I would visit their house everyday and on weekends even my children would.

The depressive phase of the couple soon started fading. The lesson I learned was how many such elderly couple are living in despair. We just talk about them but do nothing. Even if we all devote one hour to them every two days, they would be full of life. On festivals we need to be around them and by doing so even heavens will praise us. Celebrate with your loved ones but do think for such people who are lonely in life. All they need is a healing touch that could change them and bring ample amount of joyousness. The world is one family.

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