Israel-Palestine Violence: I and my college

It was a day for me in my college in Israel. I had no plans for the day, other than to sit back and relax. Since I had nothing to do, I thought of picking up a novel to read and pass time by the garden side view. But, I had left it in my classroom drawer. I headed to college and didn’t expect what was coming.

I was standing in the corridor staring at the vending machine. While I was confused on what to by, I heard loud gun shots. At was as if it was happening within the premises of my study centre. I looked outside and there were plenty of masked men with supersonic guns in their hands firing shots. I was petrified. I immediately dialled the telephone for assistance but no one was answering at the other end. I even dialled cops but due to the loud gun shots noise, I could here nothing.

I ran to save my life. When I reached the end of the corridor I saw a man with no legs on a wheel chair. He had a gun in his hand and I was waiting to take the bullet since I had no option.

Where are you from? asked the man. He had a weird face full of pimples and had only two teeth. He looked dangerous and death was knocking my doors. “India,” I replied.

Give me that bracelet you are wearing, said the man. I immediately took it out and gave it to him. ‘I will take it to Hamas’. ‘Now run for life and save yourself.’ I sprinted this time but there was smoke, destruction. It felt like one building has been taken down. I sprinted without a direction and landed up at an unfamiliar spot where there were two unused houses of which one window of the house towards my right was open. I took shelter there and within seconds, the building in front of me was blown away and I went numb.

‘Get up, get up’ son, said my mother. I opened my eyes and found myself in my room. I just couldn’t believe I am here because I was witnessing a dreadful war in which death was certain.

Disclaimer- Israel-Palestine conflict took away lives of many people. I as a writer had this dream last night after there were discussions as home about Gaza strip and this war. War is not the solution. A person sitting miles away had a scary dream about the war, think about the plight of those in the middle of this doing everything they can for their survival. Say no to war.

Coronavirus: Devils churn profits as India continues to burn

The people got so good at going that they weren’t taught when and how to stop. The only thing this world teaches is “profit” even if it is as the cost of someone’s death. COVID-19 in India is roiling the atmosphere, but devils are thinking of profits.

The devils are stacking medicines, oxygen cylinders, leaving all gasping for breath. Whose fault is it? Why weren’t we taught humanity, why weren’t we taught to feel the pain of other? Why weren’t we taught to care for the feelings of others? Why?

India's Terrifying Coronavirus Outbreak Has Broken Health Care in the  Country

Because the world taught only one thing– ‘ move ahead in life’, even if you have to cheat, deceit, play with emotions. A person who fought for the rights of others, who never lived in comfort zone, now are being tempted for a limousine ride after death. Even after death, you wanted to churn money. Now is the time when you want to pile up money in the account. Think my friends, countrymen think! What did you earn apart from money? What will you teach your children? Even they will walk over someone’s pyre for money.

Covid 2.0: Pandemic lessons India should have taken from second influenza  wave of 1918 - News Analysis News

I heard about hell, witnessing it here in front of my eyes. I heard about devils, I am seeing them in front of my eyes. More than 3000 are dying, imagine how many lives you could have saved and how many blessing you would have received. Today, you might get away but how will you face Lord when he looks at your account book.

I wrote this as Coronavirus is ravaging India, but some are looking to make money by stacking up oxygen cylinders or increasing price of oxygen concentrators.

Real Hero: Filmstar Sushant Singh Rajput Or A Soldier

I am a former Brigadier of the Indian Army. As a retired person, I take care of my family, my house and myself. For me, it is always “Nation first”. This should be with every Indian.

My son Rakesh, a soldier of the Indian army, died last week in Siachen. There was a small article about him in the newspaper, a tweet from a news agency; some channels did pick it up but, the news was crushed by the ongoing investigation in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. It is a case that grabbed eyeballs across the world as the actor of Bollywood (Hindi Cinema), died in the month of June under mysterious circumstances.

Family of Sushant Singh Raput, the actor who left for heavenly abode, is fighting hard for justice and so are people and the news channels. You see the top 10 news channels of India, all have one thing to discuss, that is Sushant’s case. In India, people treat filmstars, actors as above everyone else.

Way back in 2014, at Delhi Metro station, I was with my son and there came a big Bollywood actor. My concern was that everyone rushed to greet the Bollywood actor but, not even one person came to meet my soldier son, who was in Indian army uniform. My complaint to the youth is treat actors as only actors and not real heroes or even a hero.

Delhi Metro underground station
They don't fight at the borders, they do not treat coronavirus patients. Posting a picture with flag on Independence day on Instagram is piece of cake but, celebrating Independence Day while guarding the borders of the country is real heroism.

When we boarded the Delhi Metro train, the youths were chatting, clicking selfies with the Bollywood actor but, no one paid attention to the jawan standing at the gate. It is really easy to write lines on Twitter for a military man martyred in the service of the country but the youths are failing to pay respect to the heroes. I am not saying youths should have offered a seat to my soldier son but I see CRPF jawas, BSF jawans and others standing at the train gate.

This hurts me because they are the ones keeping us safe and we can’t even give them comfort when they are not on duty. They give us comfort round the year and a filmstar takes away all the credit, why?

filmstars, filmsets

Yes, my nation did unite during Pulwama terror attack in which many jawans/soldiers were martyred but what about when one soldier dies, then people hardly pay respect or attention. If a youth follows a filmstar how would he/she consider a soldier successful?

I daily see on television that filmstars are successful, businessmen are successful but, according to people soldiers, who earn less then them, are unsuccessful. I feel so because no one talks about their success. Even I want Sushant to get justice but, what about farmers, soldiers who are dying on daily basis? When youths can’t offer a seat to a soldier, or regard them as heroes, how would he/she understand the meaning of life?

I am sorry but mentality of Indian youths is “Run for glory“. People will open, comment and salute on Rhea Chakraborty’s Instagram or Salman Khan’s but, how many youths have actually written a letter to a soldier, saluted or even clicked a selfie for Facebook? I know you don’t have the answer.

Justice for Sushant is a burning topics these days but how many tried to know soldiers/jawans killed at border, don’t include the border skirmish with China. You again don’t have the answer. People discuss about hardships an actor who was no part of industry faced. Do youths have any idea about the hardships of a soldier?

OPINION: The views offered by an author are imaginary and from the point of view of a soldier