My scary friend

My child was in no sleep mode. After all, his exam were over and he was in mood for some fun. I told him to call it a night but you know how kids are. That night he asked me to tell him a short story.

I told him a couple of them but it failed to catch his interest. I then thought to tell him a horror story “My scary friend”. It was December 2019. Bone-chilling winters had grappled Delhi and people were trying to adjust to the cold weather conditions which the city had not witnessed in the last 100 years.

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I worked as a part of the maintenance unit in one of the high-rise edifice of Noida. It was a foggy morning. I went up to the 13th floor. My friend’s house was on that floor but he wasn’t in town. I returned to work after a 10-day break. As I reached the 13th floor to check the electrical wiring, I found the door of Rahul’s apartment half open. At first I thought there might be a burglar inside but, as I opened the door, I spotted Rahul confabulating with someone. He spotted me and came outside. He hugged me and we chatted for good 15-20 minutes.

Then I saw an identical Rahul. I was confused but he introduced me to his identical twin. He never told me about this. The two were sitting on the staircase and talking while I was doing my work. After my job was done I started walking downstairs. Right after taking the first step I heard the noise of a basketball. I turned back and there was no ball. Rahul also wasn’t there. I told my junior to fix the wiring and hand over the electricity bill to Rahul. He was shocked! “What happened?” I asked.

My junior- Don’t you know?
Me- Know what?

“Rahul committed suicide while you were away for a while”, my junior said. I initially thought he was joking but all told me the same thing and I just couldn’t believe it. I immediately took the lift to 13th floor. I reached there and found the door closed. I tried to open but couldn’t. I did everything to open the door but failed despite several attempts.

I turned towards the lift and heard the noise of basketball. I turned back and there was nothing. It all of a sudden became foggy at the 13th floor. I could see nothing, nothing at all except for the lift sign in red that was indicating the position of the lift. I stood there with my eyes closed and now I heard Rahul laughing. I again turned back and just saw Rahul’s eyes. He said: ” Won’t you come with me Sunny?”, and he disappeared. Somehow I entered the lift and as the gate was about to close a basketball hit me on the stomach.

Was my dead friend back? At least, it felt so
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I was hell scared. The next morning I went to 13th floor again. Today, I again saw the door half open and a shadow which kept getting smaller and smaller and vanished in few seconds. Now the sound of basketball was coming from inside the house and the door shut. I understood something was wrong here.

This was the end of the story, my son. Dhruv was a bit frightened. I told him its a real story but he was scared and turned his back towards me. I asked him to relax and went to the washroom. When I came back, I heard a laughing voice. The voice was of my friend Rahul. The voice was coming from my son. I held his hand and something hit me from behind. It was the basketball.

My son hugged me and I asked him why was he petrified. Without answering my question, he asked me to show him the photo of my friend. When I did that he told me I looked exactly like him when I finished narrating the story.

I sold the ghosts

This short novel is about a trick a person learns and then communicates with ghosts but how he sells them is something for the readers to find out.

Do read if you are willing to scan something out of the box. You will certainly give a thumbs up

I sold the ghosts by Shubhang Chauhan

The Horror Of My Apartment

I usually sleep around 11 pm but that night I was up till late. Don’t really know when and how I conked out. Around 2.30 am, someone rings the bell of my apartment. I did not get up at first thinking my mother would open the door as her room was next to the main gate.

I hear the bell again after 5 minutes. It was now 2.35 am. I got up to see who could it be at this point of time. Before opening the door, I saw the main entrance of my house from the small mirror glass. I did not spot anyone. As I turned to walk towards my room, I hear the door bell again. I spot my mother outside. I open the door in no time.

Me: Mom? Where had you gone?

My Mother: Rahul, I had gone downstairs. The cat in the parking lot is dying, get the medical kit quickly.

As I got the medical kit, my mother was not there. Someone that moment taps my back from behind. I spot my mother who looked like she just got up from sleep.

Me: How come you are here?

Mother: What do you mean? I was disturbed by the noises so got up but, what are you up to?

Me: Nothing really mom. I wanted to help the cat downstairs

Mother: Beta (son), go and sleep.

I went back to bed in a confused state. I was unable to sleep properly but…

Someone is trying to wake me up at 4 am. Son, get up, get up!

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Me: Who is it? Let me sleep. Beta (son), its me, your mother. My toilet is jammed please help me. I get up walk towards her room. Since I had an idea about the room, I could figure out things in dark. As I opened the gate of the washroom, someone held my hand.

Son, you are still awake?

Me: Mom, how come you are here?

Mother: Son, what’s wrong with you tonight? Are you okay?

Me: Yea, I am but you were in my room right now.

Mother: Son, go back to bed I suggest.

I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep until morning. I slept when my mother and sister were finally awake. Now I could get a peaceful sleep. I get up at 12. My mother and sister are watching television news. I sit beside them.

Mother: Rahul. My toilet flush isn’t working please fix that.

Me: Mom. Are you okay?

Mother: Yes, I am dear. I guess you are in sleep, you need some more.

As my mother started walking towards her room she turned back, her eyes were completely red. She was staring at me. All of a sudden the day time turned into night. She went inside her room and I heard a voice from towards the right hand side where I was sitting.

My mother was there. She again asks me to fix the toilet flush. This was getting crazier. Now, my mother again walks towards her room before entering the room, she again turns back and asks “Why are you still awake?”

This incident was making me go crazy. I took sleep medicines to calm my mind and don’t know when I fell asleep again. Again someone tries to wake me up. I see my mother, I see her red eyes. I am now petrified. And suddenly bell rings. My eyes are shut because I am scared of my mother. But the bell is ringing and ringing. I open my eyes and my mother is not there.

I walk towards the main gate and to my surprise, I spot my mother, sister and myself. I couldn’t believe what I am seeing. I looked at my mother’s room and she wasn’t there. I looked my sister’s room, she also wasn’t there.

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I opened the gate and shockingly, after my mother and sister, I also enter the house. The three are talking to one another and not me. I shake them but it had no effect on the three. I rush towards my mother’s room and I spot her. She says son ‘please fix the toilet flush’. I plead her to step outside with me. She did so but now the three who entered the house aren’t there. I turn back and even my mother is not there.

But from my mother’s room, I could hear the flush. I approach the washroom in a scared manner. The light is already turned on, the room is dark. As I come closer to the washroom…

My mother: Son, what are you doing here?

Rahul: I am here to fix the toilet flush.

Mother: What happened to it.

Rahul (Me): You asked me to fix it.

Mother: Son, you must have seen a dream. Go back to bed.

Before, I was leaving the room my mother says ” Son, were you dreaming or…”. She laughs and then suddenly I see her angry face with red eyes. I run towards my room and jump on my bed.

Son, are you mad, jumping on the bed like a toddler. And did you fix the toilet flush? My mother asks me.

Here’s How My Friend Wished Me Happy Engineers Day

I am a journalist and my life is very hectic as there is always a paucity of time in life to do other things. In fact, we often don’t have time to invest on our happiness and due to lack of time, I am not able to repair the minor issues in my house be it toilet flush or fridge or other basic things.

One day, a close friend gave me a surprise visit. I was pleased to see him after five years! We chatted for a while but then again, I had to rush for reporting. Life of a reporter is not easy. Most of the times you reach home at 1 am and the next morning you report to office at 8 am.

Well, coming back to my friend. I asked him to stay at home for a while and even he requested for the same because he had a flight to Lucknow in the evening. He didn’t belong to Delhi. I ordered food for him and promised to be back home at around 6 pm. I wanted to spend more time with him but it was an important day as Parliament Session was underway.

At 5 pm, my friend calls me-

Akshay: Yes, Arjun! I will be at home at sharp 6.

Arjun: Naah, I got to rush so I handed over the keys to your neighbors.

Akshay (Me): Why? What happened?

Arjun: Office work, will call you later.

And then he hangs up. I was today relieved on time since I requested for it. I went home straight seeking solace. When I entered home, it turned to out be completely neat. I was astonished looking at it wondering what had Arjun done. My toilet flush was working fine, my fridge was fine. There was some issue with television set and washing machine and that was also fixed.

Best part is the fixed things didn’t look as if money was put into it. It was fixed with some odd props. I immediately called my friend and told him that it wasn’t necessary and he was here to rest.

All he told me was Happy Engineers Day, friend! Arjun is an engineer. When I opened my closet, there was a surprise. It was a key remote. I called my friend again and asked him what’s this. “By this, you cal control all the electronic things of your house, sitting miles away,” Arjun said.

Arjun: I will call you back, working the new flyover being built.

All I wondered was, we always say how would life have been without friends/pets but, imagine how would life have been without engineering even so many computer functions wouldn’t have been available.

Writer’s Paraside

I don’t call myself a writer, I am actually an imaginator. How can I write if I am not able to imagine and feel it myself.

I joined this to write from my heart because Bollywood didn’t understand my imagination and I can’t compromise quality over money.

Though, I still want to write for films.

I am a pilot, hotel manager but, the two jobs never pleased my soul only writing does.