Israel-Palestine Violence: I and my college

It was a day for me in my college in Israel. I had no plans for the day, other than to sit back and relax. Since I had nothing to do, I thought of picking up a novel to read and pass time by the garden side view. But, I had left it in my classroom drawer. I headed to college and didn’t expect what was coming.

I was standing in the corridor staring at the vending machine. While I was confused on what to by, I heard loud gun shots. At was as if it was happening within the premises of my study centre. I looked outside and there were plenty of masked men with supersonic guns in their hands firing shots. I was petrified. I immediately dialled the telephone for assistance but no one was answering at the other end. I even dialled cops but due to the loud gun shots noise, I could here nothing.

I ran to save my life. When I reached the end of the corridor I saw a man with no legs on a wheel chair. He had a gun in his hand and I was waiting to take the bullet since I had no option.

Where are you from? asked the man. He had a weird face full of pimples and had only two teeth. He looked dangerous and death was knocking my doors. “India,” I replied.

Give me that bracelet you are wearing, said the man. I immediately took it out and gave it to him. ‘I will take it to Hamas’. ‘Now run for life and save yourself.’ I sprinted this time but there was smoke, destruction. It felt like one building has been taken down. I sprinted without a direction and landed up at an unfamiliar spot where there were two unused houses of which one window of the house towards my right was open. I took shelter there and within seconds, the building in front of me was blown away and I went numb.

‘Get up, get up’ son, said my mother. I opened my eyes and found myself in my room. I just couldn’t believe I am here because I was witnessing a dreadful war in which death was certain.

Disclaimer- Israel-Palestine conflict took away lives of many people. I as a writer had this dream last night after there were discussions as home about Gaza strip and this war. War is not the solution. A person sitting miles away had a scary dream about the war, think about the plight of those in the middle of this doing everything they can for their survival. Say no to war.