Spy of Beijing

I hail from Beijing and became a double spy. During my tenure as double spy, I had to chose one nation to stay alive but somehow…Well, let me begin with how I became a spy.

I was a 23-year-old boy. A young officer of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). It was during 1962 war, I accidently crossed the border. I killed many Indian soldier, for which I feel sad now. But, while I crossed the border, I kept going deep inside the country. The war ended a few days later, it was then I realised that it was time to come out in the open and stop playing hide and seek, but it was probably too late to get back to my home country.

I landed up in a small village. After that, I was taken to prison by locals as they assumed I am a spy due to my Chinese dialect. I spent few days in the cell but somehow managed to escape from there. I was desperate to get back to my country but how was the bigger question. Security forces would even stop me at the Chinese embassy in New Delhi. While I was on the road, I met a man exactly like me. He asked me a question in Hindi, the language was alien to me back then. He then confabulated in my language. I asked him for help and told him how I got here but– all he said was ” It ain’t that easy”.

I learned the local language and four years had passed by now. I wanted to visit my family in Beijing but it wasn’t possible as I did not have a phone back then at my place and had no passport either. My friend, Suraj, asked me to get married to someone and with that I would be able to gain Indian citizenship and after that boundaries are open for me. At first, his idea sounded outlandish but then I thought this was the best deal that moment. I got married, had a kid and was all settled to get my passport made. While I was at the counter, a man tapped on my back and asked me to follow him.

Stranger: Do you work somewhere?

Me: No

Stranger: Do you want to work as a Spy?

I went blank. The stranger told me to ponder over it for a couple of days. My family often asked me the purpose of my passport and I had to lie to them all the time. I couldn’t tell my wife that I had a two month old baby and a wife in China. Taking the job of a spy was the best option for me as it would have been easy to trace whereabouts of my family. Finally, I said “yes” to the offer of the stranger.

I underwent 6 month training in which I was taught Chinese, Urdu and various other stuff a spy should know. I accomplished many tasks for R&AW but couldn’t trace my family. All I had was an old photo of my daughter and didn’t have a photo of my wife in the wallet. While I was doing my task in Lahore masquerading as a Chinese citizen, I was nabbed by ISI but it was actually the Chinese officials who were keeping an eye on me for quite some time. They never offered me anything all they ordered me was to work for China and bluff the Indian authorities.

It wasn’t going to be easy at all but I wanted to trace my family and they were aware of it. They promised me that I would get to meet my family if I accomplish their tasks. This made me kill a few men of R&AW. The Chinese officials one day showed me my daughter at the airport. She looked like a corporate girl, was dressed up in a stylish suite. I thought the authorities there were playing with me. I asked them for proof. On the radio, an officer in front of me, asked my daughter her childhood. She described her house, named her father and all that her mother told her about Indo-China war. While this was going on, I had to take care of my Indian family. I made sure money reached them at the right time and they were taking care of themselves. Obviously, the Indian family was very close to me but my child Chynna was my first love and always will be.

After two days, I got to know my daughter is an officer in the Chinese army. She wanted to do something for the country just like her father but her father was probably betraying two nations he dearly loved. While I was thinking about this, I saw my first wife with my daughter. I wanted to approach and hug them and as I did so, an officer stopped me as he didn’t want my daughter to know about a ‘traitor’ father. He said this might divert her mind as she considered me a hero. The officer was right.

I decided to move on with my Indian life. Just when I was about to leave, I got a message from someone at PLA.

A man entered my room in a mask and said: ” Kill Tony (a Pakistani spy) tomorrow at 12 and leave Beijing. Mayur will meet you at the outskirts of the city. He will take it from there.”

I knew my task and I was prepared to be back to the country that gave me life. I wanted to tell RAW the truth and had prepared my mind for that and was ready to face the consequences. The next day, the target was eliminated and as I met Mayur, people of PLA reached there. In one shot they killed Mayur. I somehow took charge of the car and just kept driving until my military daughter chased me.

She kept targeting me but missed the bullet every time. Eventually, after a long car chase, my daughter tracked me down. She abused me, tied my hands but I wanted to kill myself because if she traced my entire history while I was alive, then I would never even make an eye contact. I had a secret small pin, which I pinned right through my neck and I departed.

I am sure she would have known about me and I don’t know how my Chinese wife would have reacted to the entire incident.