Love Shouldn’t be Blind

I am now pursuing my post graduation. My life has been very simple until now. All I did till the age was 25 was to focus on my studies, work and my family. The only wrong this I did was not to have an affair till the age of 25. Some may think its right, but let me tell you what went wrong.

It was August 2017. It was great to be back in college after working with dad in family business for a year. I wanted to do something different from the usual and boring family business. I was enjoying campus life. It was a life I wanted to enjoy to the fullest since I knew the clock won’t turn back when I pass out from here.

Daisy my teacher

All was going fine until I attended the Marketing Management class. My teacher, who must have been 10 years elder to me, was extremely gorgeous. Daisy was her name. I focused in all classes except for this one. I just used to stare at her. I didn’t see the black board. All I saw was her voice and beautiful face. Even after college I kept thinking about her. I wanted to come close to her, wanted to know more about her. My friends didn’t have any such information and her Facebook profile didn’t reveal much.

One fine day she introduced her husband to the entire class who had come to give her the house keys. This did not hamper my love for her. Probably it was love at first sight. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe. I was quite impressive in the examinations and results were a testimony to it. Daisy walked up to me and congratulated me. I was shell shocked. Now, we started talking and even met outside for coffee or movies. We came really close. I felt I found my soulmate and in November 2018 I proposed her.

She was shocked but in a friendly manner rejected my request. I failed to fathom why? She was still friends with me but… I never gave up despite knowing she has a husband. After a while, she separated from her husband Steve. This gave me immense happiness. I had nothing against Steve. He was a nice guy but I was meant for Daisy and that was clear.

Me: Daisy! I still love you. Please marry me. So what if I am your student, please…

Daisy: Rahul! You are a nice gut but I can’t be with you. I have different goals.

Me: I will forever support you in your goals

Daisy: You can’t.

Me: Trust me. My love is real and I love you the way you are

Daisy: What if I change? Will you still love me

Me: Yes, nothing can change my love for you

Daisy: That’s a lie hon!

Daisy walks away. She told me she is heading to Canada for further studies and will be back after a year. I assured her that I will wait for her. She did not give me her number but we often confabulated over e-mail. After 8 months, she mailed me saying she is coming back.

I was elated. I told all my friends that I would be getting hitched soon and I couldn’t contain my excitement. She gave me her flight details and I was waiting at the airport. One man was staring at me while I was scanning the crowd at the exit gate. He came closer and closer. I asked him to move away as I was not one of his type but he chose to remain mum and I continued to look for my lady.

After 5 minutes, the main taps on my shoulders saying, ” Hey didn’t you recognise me?”

Me: No, not at all.

Honey, I am Daisy. At first I thought it to be Daisy’s prank but then the man doled out conversations that took place between Daisy and me and they were quite deep rooted. I asked him to tell me the reality and all that the man said was he is Daisy. I was in garboil and the man said he was the same Daisy whom I loved. It was just that she, rather he, got her sex changed.

I ran from there, I just ran and locked myself inside the house. I didn’t know if that was real of Daisy never wanted to be with me and played this terrible joke. This was my affair that went wrong. If I had affairs it would have probably given me the strength to handle this one. Yes, love is blind but it can’t be this blind.

The Black Book

James is working on his book which will be completed in the next three days. He stays alone in a one bedroom apartment and after working daily for around eight hours, he gives time to himself and his thoughts. Now, James is done writing his book and he contacts publishers. After slogging for days, it is approved and the printing work begins. Thoughts of James are a bit old school. He did not release his venture on digital. Instead, he believes people still love to buy the hard cover. He waited for days but, not even one book was sold.

After three months, someone finally purchased the “Black book”. James was highly elated upon hearing this. Alone in life, he now believes his destiny is about to change. The next morning he gets up, picks up the newspaper and turns on radio news. He gets a shock of his life. The news on the radio was-

25-year-old Jessica died in her apartment. It is yet to be confirmed if it was a murder or suicide. On her chest was the Black book, say cops. They believe she must have been reading it before her death. What shocked James was that Jessica was the only one who purchased his book and she is no more. Innocent James was devastated with this news and felt connected to her in some way.  He had no friend to share his feelings with, no family but after three days, he moved on. 

It was a rainy morning. James decided to make himself a cup of coffee.

Raining outside

Again switches on the radio. James was enjoying his coffee and the rain.  He suddenly gets a phone call from a shopkeeper.

Hello, is it Mr James?

James: Yes, it’s me.

Shopkeeper: Sir, I am calling from Brooklyn Book Store.

James: Okay. Yes, tell me.

Shopkeeper: Sir, I called to say that in last two days we sold around 10 copies of your book.

James: Oh, thank you. Thanks a lot. I am glad to hear that. Request you to keep me notified.

James was on cloud 9. He thought success would knock his doors slowly and steadily. He decided to treat himself with pizza. While enjoying the homemade pizza, he was listening classical songs on radio. All of a sudden there is a breaking news.

Radio News

News on Radio: Good Afternoon! What looked like a good afternoon turned gloomy as ten people died in New York city just a while ago. The motive is not known yet but 10 in afternoon seems like crime is on the rise in this beautiful city. But, cops are drawing a conclusion. All the ten died under mysterious circumstances had one thing in common-“The Black Book” in their hand. Jessica, a 25-year-old girl, died few days ago and she also had Black Book in her hand. What is the story behind this book? Will the cops hunt for the author? News up next.  President Barrack…

James turns off the radio. He is taken aback. He has no clue about the next step, his future. He is staring at the door that cops can enter anytime. He is sitting in the same position on the floor, did not move even once. It is 8 pm and he is still staring at the door.  The clock now hits 9 pm and now, there is someone knocking on the door. He thinks cops are outside and he hides behind the couch. There are two cops standing outside.


They are calling out- Mr James, Mr James please open the door. After getting no response, cops try to break the door. They hunt for the author but he is nowhere to be found. Cops search the entire house but there is no one. There was no phone in the house, just a radio. One of the cop turns on the radio while trying to unravel the mystery and spots a Black Book. He holds it and there is again breaking news on the radio.

Radio News: Remember the author of the black book, Mr James? About ten people died in a span of one week and all had the black book. Well, there is another twist to this. As per our sources, Mr James died when he was a 8 year-old-kid.

Cops are flabbergasted. One of them opened the book and the first page read: “I died when I was 8”

James Hartnett